Do you know intuitively that there is “more” to what you’re doing? A higher purpose? A deeper meaning?

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed because you’ve taken on things you LOVE to do while still juggling all the things you feel you HAVE to do?

Are you afraid that people will judge you, and even reject you, for “following your heart”?

Are you serious about making a massive leap in both your business and personal life?

Have you reached a point where you’re ready to commit to doing whatever it takes?

If more success and personal fulfillment is what you're looking for, the wisdom of the Collective Herd can get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Susanne Hemet helps entrepreneurs and professionals looking to grow their business, get more clients, and make more money, while incorporating their heart into their business, and not just using their head. She helps her clients to connect the knowledge and logic in their heads with the passion and calling of their hearts to build a business that is not only highly profitable, but spiritually fulfilling as well.

Susanne Hemet brings the wisdom, knowledge and tools of many of the world's leading coaches, trainers and mentors, past and present, to her clients. For over 10 years, Susanne has been coaching, training, and mentoring entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds to make more money and make a bigger difference -- and she can do the same for you!. To get started, explore the various coaching products, modalities and resources to help you begin consciously creating your success TODAY!


"Susanne is awesome. She has been the most integral part of our online presence and growth over the last 10 years and would not be where we are today without her input, support and skills. Susanne has brought our business and management relationships to another level and we continue to grow and develop because of her. We are so proud to work with Susanne"

Valerie Bono
Vice President National Accounts
Golden Cannoli Shells Company
Stoneham, MA

"Through my work with Susanne I was able to begin planning my life and living every moment with intention. Susanne gave me the tools to be able to make some major life changing decisions and act on them."

Errin Reilly
Barrie, ON

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